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WTH - Worth the Health

Crave Good Food
Plant- Based is for everyone who #cravegoodfood

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Our Story 

Worth The Health (WTH Foods) is a plant-based food innovation company in the Philippines. 

We aim to satisfy Asia's demand for alternative protein by innovating with carefully-sourced, sustainable local produce and taking inspiration from local flavors.

Our Products

We use 100% plant-based ingreadients to create Filipino pantry favorites. 

We provide nutritious, tasty,and affordable #CraveGoodFood choices that are kind to all - our farmers, the animals, the planet, and especially you. 


Made from jackfruit. Ready-to-heat

"Cravings Satisfied"

Enjoy Filipino-styled sauté with onions and potatoes , with bread or pan de sal or more!

Heating Instructions:

- Sauté for 3-5 minutes or until desired texture or crispiness is achieved.

- Microwave. Transfer to a microwave-safe container and heat on high for 2-3 minutes.


Made from jackfruit.

"The best go-to snack! A good sauce makes it even better."

Enjoy it fried & crispy as a quick snack or a hearty meal paired with your sauce of choice!

Heating Instructions:

- From frozen, deep-fry for 10-15 minutes at medium-heat.

- Add in to stir fry sauces such as sweet and sour or buffalo sauce.

- Air fry or oven, where cooking tome may vary.


Made from mung beans. 

"A Classic favorite"

Enjoy all tge crispy, meaty goodness. Spring rolls made from our WTH Ground meat. Serve with your favorite sauce.

Heating Instructions:

- From frozein, deep fry for 5minutes at medium-high heat.

- Air fryer or oven , where cooking time mat vary.


Made from jackfruit.

"Inspired by Cebu Lechon"

This #cravegood shredded meat flakes is made with jackfruit, premium herbs and spices. Enjoy your favorite tapas, salpicao, dumplings, pizza and rice toppings , and more!

Heating Instructions

- Sauté and dry heat like roasting or baking.

- For moist & combination cooking, add towards the end to avoid overcooking.

- Microwave. Transfer to am microwave -safe container and heat on high for 1 minute.


Made from mung beans

"WTH? It's not beef???"

Enjoy your favorite meaty pasta, picadillo, chili tacos, pizza, spring rolls, onigiri, gising gising, bicol express, binagoongan, meatballs , sisig , and more!

Heating Instructions:

- Sauté and dry heat like roasting or baking.

- For moist & combination cooking , add towards the end to avoid overcooking.

- Microwave. Transfer to a microwave-safe container and heat on high frp 30seconds. If you find it too dry, you may add a little bit of water.



9639 Kamagong St. San Antonio, Makati City

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