Wednesday, September 23, 2020


It’s green and go for Miss Earth 2020!
Carousel Productions recently confirmed that preparations are underway for the 20th edition of the advocacy-driven pageant. Although it would not be the traditional coronation event pageants fans would expect, this year’s search would nonetheless take advantage of technology to bring the world together to promote its environmental campaign.
“We decided not to skip this year so we can continue with our mission to raise awareness on the state of the environment,” states Executive Vice-President and Miss Earth co-founder Lorraine Schuck. “Holding the pageant would enable another batch of delegates with the theme “Eco-Angels” to underscore the delegates’ role as guardians of nature, to inspire people across the world with their environmental platforms, which has always been Miss Earth’s mission.”
Ms. Schuck further says that the virtual event could also be an effective means to show the global community to be resilient in the face of a crisis, and that it is possible to cope with the challenges through the creative use of technology.
“While we understand the impact of COVID-19 to individuals and industries worldwide, we should also not let this unfortunate incident take a hold of our lives. We should eventually learn to move on, make the most of what we have, and inspire one another,” says the former beauty queen.
The national directors of the Miss Earth franchise have likewise expressed their eagerness to be part of the pageant’s milestone year and are now familiarizing themselves with the pageant’s not-so-usual format. Given Carousel’s recent experience in handling a virtual pageant, they have somehow got the grips of eliciting the excitement of a live television event in an online setting.
To mark Miss Earth’s 20th year, more than two-month long series of online pre-pageant events was laid out to give netizens in-depth insights on each delegate. The daily activities, “EARTH TALK” discussions and updates on environmental issues happening during these times of pandemic, features of the participants country’s landmarks and culture, entertainment, showcasing their fashion, talent, fitness, etc. ME delegates activities will commence by the end of September live streamed in Miss Earth’s social media accounts, while the finals will have its television broadcast and social media streaming on November 29.


Tuesday, September 22, 2020

MISS EARTH 2020 : European beauties on #EarthHour

 European beauties on #EarthHour this Thursday with #MissBelarus

Maria Reznyuk
Belarus - 3:00 PM
Finland - 3:00 PM
Poland - 2:00 PM
Philippines - 8:00 PM
Moderator: Michelle Gomez
Co-Moderator: Shane Tormes

Monday, September 21, 2020

ULTRA by Ultralife

 Ultra is the Ultimate in Health and Beauty with products containing the highest milligram and potency active ingredients to help you transform and achieve the Ultimate Life. 

Because Beauty queens KNOW Beauty, Ultra is the chosen Official Beauty Sponsor of the following Beauty Pageants: Miss FIT Philippines, Miss Earth, Miss Philippines Earth, Miss Bikini Philippines and Miss Scuba Philippines!

With soaps and capsules for slimming, anti-aging, whitening, immune system boosting and detoxifying, Ultra is the key to one’s health and beauty transformation. Transform your Health, Transform your Life!  

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Kapuso Channel to air Miss universe Philippines 2020

 We’re happy to officially announce that Miss Universe Philippines 2020 will be aired this October 25 on GMA!

ULTRA launches Miss FIT Philippines Pageant 2020

 ULTRA, the Ultimate in Health and Beauty, together with ProMedia Productions, launches the newest pageant in the new normal - Miss FIT Philippines 2020.

With a focus on F.I.T. or Face, Intelligence and Tone (Toned Body), this virtual beauty pageant advocates FITNESS, defined as good HEALTH and the STRENGTH of the empowered woman. 

Miss FIT Philippines believes that BEAUTY is encapsulated in the 3 forms of FITNESS: mental, emotional and physical, also known as WHOLISTIC FITNESS. 

For this 2020 edition, wholistic fitness is taking a more profound role in fighting the global pandemic, making this pageant more relevant than ever.

If you are a biologically-born female, with Filipino lineage living in the Philippines or overseas, single, have never given birth, 18-26 years old and at least 5'4”, this is your chance to become the first ever Miss FIT Philippines in this nationwide and overseas search.

Prizes at stake are as follows:

MFP 2020 Ultra Queen - P100,000 (cash)

1st Runner-up- P60,000 (cash and prizes)

2nd Runner up- P40,000 (cash and prizes)

Runner up- P20,000 (cash and prizes)

Runner up- P20,000 (cash and prizes)

Interested parties may go to Miss Fit Philippines' social media accounts for details of application/registration for this VIRTUAL pageant.

Facebook: Miss FIT Philippines

Instagram: @missfitphilippines

ProMedia Productions is the company behind Miss Bikini Philippines, Shawn Rhoden Classic, Cinco De Mayhem and Tough Mudder Philippines. The search for Miss FIT Philippines is made possible through the support of the following: Mr. Hong’s Samgyeopsal, Sora Amazing Athleisure, Piggy Papa, King FU Express, Empire Marketing Corporation and Athlete’s Bite Performance Foods.

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Saturday, September 19, 2020

Century Tuna Everybod Superbod 2020 Winners

JUST IN /Century Tuna Everybod Superbod 2020 Winners
Grand Winners Samantha Ashley Lo & Sam Ajdani
1st Runner up Candice Ramos &
Erie Matic


Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Keylyn Trajano-Century Tuna Superbod candidate "Fitness for Less Advocate"

It’s Merienda Time EVERYBOD! 🏋🏻♂️🐟
Keylyn Trajano-Century Tuna Superbod candidate
"Fitness for Less Advocate"
As a Superbod we face Challenges amidst anything
We promote a healthy and fit lifestyle and what better way to showcase that than with a simple fishy merienda.
Are you Excited for what i Did?
Then stick around and watch my Century Tuna Superbods #Challenge1 #FishEveryday SNACK, i will be posting my Video tonight 7pm on my ig Account ig:
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You shoulnd’t Miss this 😉

Live life the best possible way we can!
Embrace the change and live a healthier life
With century tuna packed with omega 3 DHA. its also good source of protein, surely your body goals can be achievable with proper exercise 💪 so i suggest you include it in your everyday diet!!