Monday, December 21, 2020

Jewel Colmenares Lobaton launches Jewel Beauty Strong products

Strong is beautiful!
In pursuing a beauty line that's excellent, innovative and affordable, Jewel Colmenares Lobaton, a woman immersed in the beauty pageant, launched today, December 21, a beauty products line that will not only address health and care for both men and women but also the sustainability of the environment.

Dubbed "Jewel Beauty Strong," the beauty line is a new player in the market today on beauty, wellness products. These are all plant based, natural products and the containers are reusable and recyclable. It will offer rebates special rewards for those who can return their containers to the company after they use them.
"I have conceptualized this many years ago and it has finally been implemented recently. It was 'PASSION' for excellent, innovative, affordable local beauty and wellness products and the intentionality that goes with this that drove me to introduce this to the market," said Lobaton, during the product launch of Jewel Beauty Strong line at the Grand salon Ballroom of the Grand Hyatt Manila Bonifacio Global City on December 21, 2020.
JBS is an all-Filipino social enterprise that also aims to optimize the beauty and wellness within every individual for self and social acceptance.
"It inspires optimization of individual worth and social purposes. it aspires to be relevant, accessible and a quality brand that brings out individual worth for social purposes," she said.
Lobaton cited the company's strong social involvement and sustainability. "We are very mindful with the ingredients that we put in each product we make. We want to work toward shared values to attain more revenue so we can impact the lives in the communities.
We are trying to find balance in doing profit with impact. for every product they buy from JBS they are definitely going to be part of the transformation of communities as we will directly give support to the main advocacies of JBS : Education, Environment, Entrepreneurship opportunities."
She also said that the JBS beauty line is for unisex. "Our product line up will excite the different sectors as we have concocted unique formulations where the raw materials are found in the Philippines mostly, thus helping our local growers/farmers too.
Initially, JBS established its brand recognition when it collaborated with Miss Earth and Carousel Production, she said.

JBS believes in the power of collaboration. Together with Miss Earth 2020 and Carousel Production we believe that we can do more to help others value their total wellbeing by loving our home which is the Earth and our body which is only one. We pay forward by being intentional in our way of living be it in business, family, and charitable endeavors. We can transform lives if we help each other attain a more sustainable ecosystem," the former beauty queen said. Miss Earth Fire Roxanne Baeyens has been named ambassador for JBS.

" We will have male and female endorsers/ influencers . I am searching for the right endorsers because we want them to be very intentional as well. I was given a list to male endorsers. I have not decided who among them I will choose," she said.

JBS beauty products will be internationally available. But for now, the company is on an e-commerce platform. Visits their Facebook and Instagram accounts for purchase.

Photos by Joy Arguil


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