Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Tabang sa Bicol ni Elite Mrs. Philippines International Michelle Vitug-Encarnacion

Reigning Elite Mrs. Philippines International Michelle Vitug Encarnacion took a long drive to visit her hometown Bacacay, Albay to personally hand her "Tabang sa Bicol", a #reliefassistance to almost 900 families greatly affected by #TyphoonRolly and #TyphoonUlyssesPH2020. Michelle, who is from Tanagan, Bacacay was assisted by her cousin Rene Boy Padua, Psalmstre endorser and Miss Progress Health International Sarah Margarette Faurillo Joson, and Alex Moico from the Office of the Solicitor General. The team has been in the province for 3 days already doing #reliefDistribution in the towns of Camalig and Guinobatan, Albay and in San Jose, Camarines Sur. Along with the distribution, the team was accompanied by former Vice Mayor of Camalig, Albay, Elisa Guing Nebres.

Due to the limited bancas sailing to her island barangay of Tanagan, the distribution of #reliefgoods was done at the port area of Bacacay, Albay. Michelle was teary-eyed seeing the aftermath of the two (2) consecutive typhoons that hit the province, but so thankful that no casualty was recorded and her fellow Bacacayenos are strong individuals who can easily recover from the damages of their homes and of their farmlands.

Michelle, who is a TV-radio host and a motivational speaker shared encouraging words to her kababayans before the #reliefdistribution:
"It has been a month already that I am feeling sad, so sad seeing what happened to our province with all the difficulties that you all, my kababayans here in Bacacay have been going through since the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown and the devastating typhoons that hit our province.

Regardless of what had happened, I am glad and so grateful that inspite of the situations that we are all experiencing, I was able to share my time and energy to the people affected by typhoons that need care and affection, especially the people of Bacacay that I dearly love.
I am grateful to my family and friends who trusted me and extended their support in sharing God’s blessings to the four (4) chosen barangays badly hit by the typhoon.

To you my kababayans here in Bacacay, I thank God that at present there is no reported case of CoVid19. But please continue to follow safety protocols against CoVid19 and let not the virus infect anyone. Wear facemask and face shield at all times.
Many times the Bicolanos are proven resilient but we should not be satisfied with that. We have to be responsible and disciplined in taking care of our environment. Natural Calamities happen, we should act now to protect our environment. Preserve the beauty of our province and let not anybody damage it because this is not just for our sake but for our coming generations too.

Be strong and courageous because our God made us a promise that He will never leave us. Let us keep our faith in Him and trust Him in all our ways. May we always feel the love of God despite difficulties and see the beauty of life. In my heart, I know we will all get through this life challenges and learn to live a better life.
I pray that everyone will be safe, at peace, and with a heart full of love and joy. "

 Report & Photos by Alex Moico

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