Monday, December 14, 2020


Filipino - Chinese businesswoman Mylene Co has her own story of success that aims to inspire others who are beginners in the field of entrepreneurship.
An engineering graduate of DLSU Manila, she started with a buy and sell of sea shell products, her first venture into business with her husband.

After few years, they branch out to garments with their signature Quadro brand shirts, it was a best seller nationwide and for more than a decade, it became their main source of livelihood.
Today, Mylene shifted to hotel business. "Operating a hotel is a very challenging work, it requires full concentration and monitoring of the daily activities and transactions of your guests as well the staff", she says. Solace Hotel is located along Kamagong St., Bgy. San Antonio, Makati City. "This is a 3 star hotel that caters to different types of guests, from travellers, vacationers, family etc. We are located outside the busy commercial district area, which is more convenient to our clients. Solace is strategically located near restaurants, departments stores and public transportations", she adds. Solace was inaugurated way back 2015 and since then it became a haven for many tourists. "We offer almost the same amenities and services that a 5 star hotel have, the only difference is the rate".

Just a few step away from Solace is Harmony and Homes, a store that specialize in decor whether for private homes or offices. " We make a place awesome and stylish but at the same time comfortable, pleasing and functional. We supply items in a leading chain of malls in the country specially during the holiday seasons. We go as far as India, Hong Kong, China, Bangkok and other neighboring countries to look for a unique and saleable items. We also supply goods in Dapitan Arcade, a popular place in Manila for novelty and affordable home decor items. " Like any other things, home decors vary from time to time so we always keep abreast on the seasons and trends that are most likely will be popular in every home and offices."

As a private person, Mylene has her share of philanthropic act for the less fortunate citizen of the country. An active member of various rotary clubs and women's organizations, they usually conduct relief operations during calamities and the current pandemic.
"The pandemic has affected most of the business and our family, let us not dwell on the negative side, instead we must be more productive and move forward. The Covid virus taught us to be brave and strong. It brought us closer to God and to our love ones. We must never give up and believe in our selves and do our shares to make others life better "she ends.

 Text By Noli Berioso

Photos by joy Arguil

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