Sunday, May 15, 2022

Presentation of the Official Delegates for Miss PHilippines Earth 2022


Advocacy: As a future candidate of Miss Philippines Earth 2022, my advocacy is “E-Jeep for a Change” which is an environmentally friendly vehicle that can help to reduce air pollution and does not produce smog. Compared to traditional jeepneys here in the Philippines which consumes fossil fuels, e-jeepney have 87% lower greenhouse gas emissions. So, if we start to aim to implement these positive changes in the country’s current land transport system, then there will be a greener future for all of us and it can create great conditions for a clean air environment. If each community will try to adopt this jeepney modernization program, then this can create a huge change for our environment especially to the present condition of our ozone layer. 


Advocacy: I am advocating for waste management and recycling! The Philippines ranks third in worst marine polluters in the world. Trash is seen everywhere we go, and as the saying goes, “It’s not waste until it’s wasted.” While the easiest thing is to simply throw them in their respective bags and pass the responsibility to the waste collector, there is an even better, more creative way to dispose of them—and that is through applying the 5 R’s: refuse, reduce, reuse, repurpose and recycle. I specifically chose this advocacy because of how accessible it is to all ages, and because I’m a firm believer in the power of small. Pebbles in the form of efforts produce a ripple effect. Dropping the pebbles, or in this case protecting the environment, start with us.



Advocacy: My environmental Advocacy is Project Community Clean Up, this advocacy is making our community a beautiful and clean place to live. All could be part of community clean up by sweeping the streets and encouraging others to throw trash and to learn how to segregate waste properly. This advocacy could make a difference to see our surroundings as a healthy and safe place.


Advocacy: I am an advocate of “Zero Waste Management: Living an Organic life”. I choose this advocacy because I believe that if we live in a simple and organic way we will not just help our environment but we can also make ourselves healthier and strong. Following the 3 R’s reuse, reduce, recycle is still and will always be applicable until now. As a “Probinsiyana” I can assure that living an organic life is worth it and beneficial to our mother Earth and to our whole being as an individual.


Advocacy: My environmental advocacy is marine conservation; it is closest to my heart because as a swimmer and a freediver I have a front-row seat to see how much people have damaged our beautiful oceans and seas. I believe that this needs great attention, especially for us Filipinos who live in a country surrounded by water.


Advocacy: Sustainable tourism I choose this because it addresses the complete tourism experiences, including concern for
economic, social, and environmental issues as well as attention to improving tourist experiences and addressing the needs of host communities.


Advocacy: My environmental advocacy is “Green Engineering towards Eco-sustainable Development.” I chose this advocacy since I am in the real estate industry and have knowledge of the engineering industry. Innovation and technology have been beneficial for us humans in our daily lives; however, some manufacturers neglect their products' effects on our environment. I firmly believe that we should transition as fast as possible into being “green”—green products, green buildings, eco-sustainable designs, and many more.



Advocacy: My environmental advocacy is to educate everyone of ecological sustainability. During the pandemic, we learned that keeping our world clean is vital to our survival. The pandemic made us realize that the earth really needed to breathe and now that life is slowly becoming how it was before the pandemic era, we should not forget to also take care of our home, the earth. By teaching people, especially the youth and the marginalized sector, I am sure we can be sustainable and choose greenways over polluting our home.


Advocacy: With my belief that our best efforts to create change in this world is by starting with ourselves, my
environmental advocacy is sustainable living. As we reduce our personal and societal environmental
impact we can create positive changes which will counteract climate change.


Advocacy: I was born and raised in Calatagan – a well-known travel destination as it is surrounded by salty water. Thus, I grew up seeing that fishing and tourism are among the primary sources of my kababayans’ income for everyday life. With that being said, it made me believe that marine life should be cared for and nurtured so that they will have food to feed their family every single day. In the present time, it is so saddening that our water is being threatened due to human activities. I want to bring this to a bigger platform that would greatly help our marine ecosystem, by producing beneficial programs and building partnerships with institutions. I also want to make a call to action to everyone that by protecting our marine life, we make sure that our local fishermen have food to feed their families every day, and more sustainable tourism will be implemented.


Advocacy: Tour guides always tell us to “Take nothing but pictures, and leave nothing but footprints” and I wish that more tourists will keep this in mind when visiting our beautiful destinations. My environmental advocacy is entitled Friendly Footprints, which aims to achieve Environmental Conservation through Sustainable Tourism. This revolves around the idea of providing tourists with the maximum experience in a destination, without causing harm to the people, profit, and planet. I chose this advocacy because Tourism is one of the fastest growing industries, and I want to encourage everyone, especially travellers, to have a great time – without compromising nature and depleting its resources. As a Tourism student, I am very passionate about travel and tourism, that’s why I am aware that the industry would provide potential threats if we continue to take the environment for granted. Friendly Footprints can be achieved in 3 Steps (phases). The first step would be organizing a seminar or talk in a locale that would provide awareness on the importance of sustainable tourism. The second step of our friendly footprints would share the best sustainabili-tips when travelling – this will be posted online to reach more people. And the third step for our friendly footprints would be spearheading a tour in a locale’s popular attractions and hidden gems and applying sustainable practices to show travelers how fun and fulfilling it can be.


Advocacy: Sustainable Tourism. As someone who enjoys traveling, I am saddened to see that certain tourist destinations are losing their charm and attracting fewer visitors as a result of excessive use. And as a result of this circumstance, the locals' income and livelihood gradually declines. That is why it is critical to have sustainable tourism that takes into economic, social, and environmental challenges, as well as improving tourist experiences and meeting community needs.


Advocacy: I believe that instead of cutting trees and trashing papers everywhere, we should
maintain trees and keep the papers and recycle it. The environment is one of the most important aspects of our lives, we can’t live without it. As a concerned citizen of the Philippines, I stand to be a good example and start to respect and love our environment, especially our country.


Advocacy: My Advocacy is Animal Welfare and Humane Treatment. I grew up loving animals and I strongly advocate that they hold a huge part in maintaining balance in our ecosystem that is why we should also prioritize their rights. Animal welfare is affected by the relationships human beings have with animals and it is our duty to ensure all animals are treated humanely, responsibly, and with respect.


Advocacy: I am a wildlife conservation advocate and one of my main concerns is the protection of exotic animals and endangered species. The earth is in the midst of its sixth animal extinction and its current mass extinction is caused almost entirely by humans. We have been endangering wildlife by disrupting their ecosystems and one of the main causes is irresponsible traveling. We should learn how to travel without damaging wildlife habitats and without polluting the environment. I want to guide people by teaching them how to practice responsible tourism and sustainable traveling. We should respect and protect the animal’s natural habitats, especially the endangered ones for it is their refuge and home. We should all make a move to prevent their extinction. All together, we should act in order to conserve the endangered species and their ecosystems so we can show the future generations why we’re proud to call earth our home.


Advocacy: Sustainable fishing and protection of the Marine wildlife. A comprehensive action to promote awareness and create sustainable plans beneficial for the fishing industry and marine wildlife. It is an advocacy that aims to balance economic growth and environmental protection – supporting the livelihood of our local fishermen while ensuring the safety of Marine wildlife.


Advocacy: My environmental advocacy – eco-friendly tourism campaigns for the reinforcement of the existing eco-friendly initiatives of the government and also maximizing my influence to gather a community of eco-friendly advocates to intensify our campaign for eco-friendly tourism.


Advocacy: Access to healthy food is a basic human right but it is a sad reality that one out of three Filipino children are stunted and children die from malnutrition. I work with Kids Who Farm whose mission is to impart basic farming skills to communities empowering them, especially the youth to be the next generation of food-producers aiming to build a food-secure future. Feeding our community, loving local produce and enriching our nation's agriculture.


Advocacy: Advocate for Zero-waste Management that aims to transform people's habits and behaviors that focuses on local communities, in order to be in pursuit of more environmentally friendly and resource-efficient solutions so that we can all strive together to attain a greener planet.


Advocacy: I am an advocate of environmental protection and conservation particularly through recycling plastic materials and repurposing them to make life-saving equipment such as life jackets and the like. With the amount of plastic waste still continuing to rise, we came up with an idea to help reduce it. With the help of my colleagues back in 2018, we were able to make a prototype of our revolutionary product called Salva Vida’s Life Tracker Vest— a life jacket made of recycled plastic bottles equipped with a GPS tracking device for accurate location detection. With this product we could not only help save the environment, but we could also save lives. My goal is to reach the right people so we would be able to produce this for the masses and send out the message that we could do multiple things at the same time if given the right motivation and resources


Advocacy: Sustainable Environmental Preservation through the art of Minimalism. The art of Minimalism is a healthy mental activity and has a multiplier effect if practiced. Minimalism teaches us to discipline ourselves from the food we eat, things we buy, processes, and things we usually do. Minimalism also promotes a green lifestyle which is of great contribution to a healthy and a greener you.


Advocacy: My environmental advocacy is to promote ecological restoration. Since the world is pushing urbanization, it caused huge damage to the environment, increased pollution to the surroundings, and habitat and agriculture loss. Ecological restoration is the solution that I would like to push and amplify. If the people would take steps in ecological restoration, it would reduce pollution and improve the agricultural land and contribute to sustainable agriculture.


Advocacy: Responsible Ecotourism and Sustainable Development in Marine Biodiversity. The concept of sustainable development can be interpreted in many different ways, but at its core is an approach to development that looks to balance different and often competing needs against an awareness of the environmental limitations we face in society. It is an advocacy about marine biodiversity on how we act in the society of the living. It is an advocacy that would like to illuminate the mind of the people on how they act in the land and in the beaches that they are visiting, it’s a footprint awareness where we need to foster discipline and knowledge to the mankind.


Advocacy: Waste management is my cause. It's one of the most effective ways to save our paradise. Littering is discouraged and a clean and green community is promoted when trashcans are correctly labeled and segregated in public spaces or even at home.
The environment is a blessing. It's where we belong, and it's a beautiful paradise to live in, but it's on the decline. Mother Nature has been ill. Yes, she is ill as a result of illegal human activities that have put us in this hazardous position. To make a significant difference today as an environmental warrior, we must make tiny actions with large results.
Reduce, reuse, and recycle are the three R's. Conserve all of our resources and make efficient use of them.
Let us work together and join hands to make this happen once more.



Endangered species refers to those animals that face the risk of extinction from the planet altogether. The animals are so few that they could disappear from the globe if serious action is not taken. The animals were threatened by many factors such as habitat loss, hunting, diseases, and a change in the climate. Such factors continue to decrease the number of such animal species.


Advocacy: My environmental advocacy is rooted in advocating the usage of pineapple fibers and other natural fibers for a sustainable textile industry and to avoid the rapid phenomenon of fast fashion. I wanted to use natural
fibers since our country is home to many resources like these and pineapples are the trademark of the
place I represent, which is Polomolok. This is suitable for the sustainable textile industry as fabrics that will
be made are natural and earth-friendly. Moreover, I would also like this idea to be the solution for the growing phenomena of fast fashion. Instead of using cheap and harmful products to produce volumes of clothing, we can instead opt for cheap yet quality products made from our natural resources.


Advocacy: My advocacy is entitled “Rehabilitation of Riverbanks: Utilizing Bamboos”. Growing up in a far flung area of Tampakan, I witnessed landslides and floods brought by excessive and heavy rainfall. This project would be able to arrest problems on soil erosion hence, minimizing the accumulation of silt in river beds which causes river overflows and flood. At the same time, when the bamboos grow and matured, they are potential raw materials for bamboo craft industry, hence, providing livelihood program in the community. With this advocacy, we are not just making an impact in our environment but also we are able to improve the quality of life of our countrymen and uplift the economic status of our country.


Advocacy: I advocate for sustainable fashion. Unbeknownst to many, fast fashion gravely affects our environment and several ecosystems. This is a matter I’ve come to realize since 2019 and have stopped buying from fast fashion brands since 2020. I do my best to minimize my clothing waste by upcycling old clothes or those from thrift stores. Fast fashion may be cheap, but let us not overlook the expensive consequences of its affordable price tag.


Advocacy: My environmental advocacy centers at Biodiversity Conservation. As an individual who were raised in a hometown where agriculture, farming, and livelihood are the means of living, I have witnessed how tight is the connection of our lives to nature. I have chosen to preserve Biodiversity as the core of my advocacy because, for me, it indicates our future. Our lives solely depend on it. From the air we breathe, the water we drink, to the food we eat. It yields all the essentials for humanity, and I believe that these are sufficient reasons why we should be taking extra care of our actions towards our planet, our home. Unfortunately, we are entitled as the threat to the environment bearing massive environmental impacts. Pollution, Resource scarcity, Climate Change, Habitat destruction are just some of the drivers of species extinction which we continue to perpetuate. More than that, the recent pandemic has taken a toll on all of us. During this time, we have experience how difficult it was if the essentials are taken away from us. So, I am taking this chance to remind and instill in everyone’s mind that we have a role to play here. We are not just consumers. We are also stewards of Mother Nature.


Advocacy: Clean-up the COAST for the COST of all Generations. The planet that we live in is in a drastic change due to the selfish and detrimental activities of irresponsible humans, and if we are the cause of these sickening problems, then we must also be the solution. It is not only us humans, who suffer the consequences but the whole ecosystem, including all the living things, all the future generations. It justifies the first law of ecology, stated, “Everything is connected to everything else.” If we don't take action, in our personal ways, problems will continue to worsen over time. Our personal efforts will collectively make a difference.


Advocacy: My environmental advocacy is sustainable rivers as it is close to my heart because my childhood revolved around it. As I grew older I saw the beautiful rivers being neglected and abused and it is with utter dismay that I witnessed my once paradise became lifeless and even full of trash and garbage. That is why I stepped up my game and pursued joining Miss Earth Philippines as I am one in the goal of loving and caring for our environment.


Advocacy: It would be Environmental Sanitation. I am a Chief Girl Scout Medalist. At the age of 16, I have already started to implement this project which focuses on provision of comfort rooms for a chosen community. During implementation, with my fellow girl scouts and troop leader, I was able to provide 10 comfort rooms to my beneficiaries. In my locality, there are far-flung areas that unfortunately, do not have toilets, also because of financial incapacity. The residents tend to mismanage their waste disposal. That action led to unhealthy and uncomfortable environment. It affects the health of the residents, mainly the children. Knowing that Miss Philippines Earth is an advocacy-driven platform, I would love to extend this advocacy and reach out to more communities who are in need. Sagay City’s tourism tagline is, “Where love for nature begins”, I believe this pageant is the perfect avenue to widen my scope and explore my horizon on how to promote environmental preservation and responsible tourism.


Advocacy: My environmental advocacy is the education behind proper waste management and recycling. Ever since we are young, we are taught to reduce, re-use and recycle. Although it may appear straightforward, the task of recycling and proper waste management is more intricate than it might seem. In reality, if one wrong item is recycled incorrectly, then tons of recyclable items get tossed into our landfills daily. That is why I am advocating for a change in our educational system where we can properly teach the youth how to correctly recycle and the importance of proper waste management and how it can affect our environment. This way we can have full confidence knowing that this knowledge will be passed down for future generations to come and overall create a big change and impact on how we view recycling and how we can live a more sustainable lifestyle beginning at a young age. 


Advocacy: My chosen advocacy is Environmental Conservation.
With the influence of my grandfather growing up in terms of planting and taking good care of such, street sweeping, and being responsible with our own trash, my passion for Environmental Conservation had grown and had become more relevant. Basically, I was born and raised to have this natural but extraordinary love for the environment.

I love how my city, Las Pinas, continuously preserves all the numerous trees, plants, and even some farms, which I truly love the most, while being a first-class yet highly urbanized city. Through proper practice of Environmental Conservation, our city has been able to prioritize projects concerning the environment and its sustainability for future generations.


Advocacy: I want to promote renewable energy because it plays such a big part in easing climate change. We must take a stand on limiting greenhouse emissions and fossil fuel usage as it heavily contributes to global warming.

Animals play a big part in our ecological system, and the climate crisis is affecting the cycle of life. We may not be aware of this, but climate change is making a ripple through the ecosystem. And so in line with this, I want to promote animal welfare and saving endangered species. No animal should be neglected, abandoned or abused. I want to promote spaying and neutering to stray animals to reduce overpopulation. With this we can stray away from euthanizing stray animals. And to help the endangered species, we have to make our country wildlife friendly.


Advocacy: My environmental advocacy is SOLAR which stands for:
Sustainability Of Life thru Alternative Solutions and
Renewable Energy

I’ve always been a champion of Renewable Energy specifically Solar Energy as influenced by my previous work in the RE sector which made me realize the urgency of climate change and the scale of impact if we fast track the integration of RE in our energy source. However, aside from RE, I also want to focus on the day-to-day sustainable ways we can choose to live and how even busy people can be involved in this fight.


Advocacy: My environmental advocacy is Sustainable Fashion. I became conscious about this when we lost our house last 2015. We lost everything but the fastest ones that we regained were clothes. Why? Because clothes are one of the items that people tend to store over time or throw away when not being used anymore. The amount of clothes we received were almost the same amount of clothes that we had. Imagine if these clothes went to landfills, it would've caused more damage to our environment because clothes are hard to recycle and they take too long to decompose. Aside from textile wastes, water consumption, and energy and chemical usage are also one of the primary concerns when it comes to sustainable fashion and these are important matters since continuously making clothes without consideration to these factors will continuously damage our planet.

I believe the simplest solution to my environmental advocacy can be practiced by almost everyone. However, the most complex solutions need the collective effort of people. Having a platform like Miss Philippines Earth will definitely help with educating people and presenting a doable solution that will minimize the damage being incurred by the continuous manufacturing and usage of clothes as well as amplifying the voices of those who have already been fighting for sustainable fashion.


Advocacy: My advocacy is to plant more trees, preserve the forest and wild animals. Because to have a healthy ecosystem is to have high biodiversity. Trees and animals are the important living creatures that contributes for our better life and job. As I also teach Biology to my students, I want it not just a knowledge but an application for the younger generation how to protect our environment.




Advocacy: We should not disregard the fact that Philippines, our country, is blessed with rich natural resources where renewable energies are abundant, mostly free, and available in unlimited quantities.

By promoting the use of renewable energies such as solar, wind, and hydropower, we will be diminishing huge amount of factors which negatively affects the health the earth, our home.


Advocacy: BYOB – “Bring your own bag/bayong” This is a project that was implemented in my municipality few years ago, Muntinlupa is also the very first city in the Philippines to ban the use of plastic bags and Styrofoam for packaging. I want to continue sharing this project to other areas as well, and to show them the importance of reducing the usage of plastics and Styrofoam’s are. In the past few decades, we know that these are the main causes of flash floods in the city, and it is also the root cause of the destruction of the marine life ecosystem. I want to focus on this advocacy to help not just my community or Mother earth but also the lives and preservation of the animals.

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