Thursday, November 18, 2021

Kingsford Café of Kingsford Hotel Manila Opens its Doors for Dine-in Guests


Let the King Serve You


Kingsford Café of Kingsford Hotel Manila opens its doors for dine-in guests. This fine dining restaurant is ready to cater food lovers looking for their next gustatory finds along the stretch of Manila Bay Area’s Entertainment City in Paranaque every weekend. Its doors open for lunch starting 11:30 AM until 2:30 PM while dinner starts from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM every Friday to Sunday only. Its culinary artisans and service team are all warmed up and eager to give everyone a refreshing gastronomic adventure through its innovative twist of local and international cuisines.


Signature Dishes


Staying close to its roots, its dishes pay homage to a strong Filipino upbringing but redefined through modern European techniques alongside contemporary Asian executions. The concept is to celebrate the rich produce of the Philippines and its multicultural influences by featuring nostalgic local flavors to capture the heart of every guest.


Top of the list is the Emperador Ox Tail Kape De Mutit. It is one of the signature dishes highlighting a US Grade Ox Tail. This special dish is inspired by the executive chef’s very own family heirloom recipe that makes use of civet coffee as an unlikely but  welcoming ingredient. “Tablea” or local chocolate and “seresa” or wild cherries from Ilocos along with other aromatics are also added in to enhance its flavor. The dish is then finished off flambeed with a dash of Emperador Gold to give it a more bold and distinct character.


Next is the Sisig Itum. It is Kingsford Café’s own version of the  famous Kampampangan dish that is prepared with burnt coconut that adds a smokey and earthy flavor to the meat. It is then topped with a pan seared foie gras for added richness.


Another one is the Grilled Atlantic Salmon, a dish the executive chef has strived to perfect since day one of his journey as a culinary purveyor. This cuisine highlights pan seared salmon fillet with braised edamame. The sauce is served with a side of grilled vegetables and balsamic red wine vinegar and honey dressing.


These are just few of the many carefully selected dishes that’s made  part of a menu list that will surely whet your appetite and keep you coming back for more.



Design and Functionality


The outlet exudes a contemporary design and a cozy interior to 

maximize the overall dining experience for the guests. Beautiful 

wall art pieces serve as a perfect backdrop for pictures while in the venue. 

To give enough space to enjoy great food, handpicked modernist 

furniture is strategically placed for its functionality. Gleaming 

lighting fixtures are also prominent to give more aesthetics to the 

food plating.


The restaurant can accommodate up to 128 guests with dedicated seats available for alfresco dining good for 16 people. Guests may also dine privately with sectioned dining spaces ideal for special celebrations that’s perfect for intimate corporate events and other social gatherings. Seating capacity will vary during the pandemic period and is subject to change based on the government’s safety protocols and regulations.



Well-Trained and Talented Team 


Kingsford Café is proud that its Kitchen Team is consist of an all-

Filipino talented group of chefs. The team is headed by Executive 

Chef Angelo Chubby Timban, a well adorned champion in 

international cooking competitions and celebrated for his creativity 

and passion for the craft. You can count on him and his team to 

deliver visionary executions with the intent to ignite nostalgia and 

over-all gustatory satisfaction.


While you enjoy good food, let Michael “Mico” Cosio, Kingsford 

Hotel Manila’s Food and Beverage Manager, enthrall you with 

thoughtful service that’s felt from every member of his team. Expect 

that each of his staff has been trained to attend to all your needs 

making your visits as relaxing and memorable each time you dine.


Chef Angelo Chubby Timban



Restaurant’s Safety


Kingsford Café is ready for the new normal setup. The whole  operation team of Kingsford Hotel Manila have accomplished all necessary Health and Safety certifications backed up by training to assure you of a safe dining experience especially in the new reality. 

Major entrances are equipped with luggage and walk-in body scanners with the presence and assistance of courteous personnel. health declaration forms and temperature scanning devices of guests are visibly available upon entry along with sanitation stations placed in all high traffic areas of the hotel. The kitchen and service team also observe regulated hygiene and food safety standards under Diversey’s Clean and Ready program. Aside from that, Kingsford Hotel is proud to announce that 100% of associates assigned in the restaurant and kitchen are fully vaccinated.

Fully vaccinated guests may freely occupy the tables for indoor dining with social distancing standards. While a dedicated alfresco is also available for guests who prefers an open area while dining.

Kingsford Hotel Manila is also an advocate of Megaworld Hotels  and Resorts’ Safe Stay Program to ensure the health and safety of both guests and associates. More than that, the hotel also operates with a Safety Seal Certification coming from the Department of Tourism. All these programs and recognition reflect the hotel’s commitment to ensuring wellness and peace of mind of the guests.


Soft Opening Promo


In its first month, Kingsford Café offers a 20% discount with a  minimum of two paying guests. This promotion is available until  November 28, 2021 only so do make sure to invite your family and friends to try this new and exciting restaurant in town.


Kingsford Café is open every weekend, Friday to Sunday, from 11:30AM to 2:30PM for lunch time and 6PM to 10PM for dinner. Book your table ahead of time because limited seats are available due to social distancing. Call us at +63 2 8538 – 6388 or email us at Kingsford Café is located at Kingsford Hotel Manila, Bagong Nayong Pilipino, Entertainment City, Paranaque.


About Kingsford Hotel Manila


The nation’s largest homegrown hotel chain, Megaworld Hotels and Resorts, opens its newest property, Kingsford Hotel Manila located at the vibrant Entertainment City of Paranaque! Currently on its soft opening since March 23, 2021, it invites guests to stay in one of its 529 rooms, dine with family and friends in any of its three outlets and host events in its 300-person capacity function hall. The hotel also boasts of an outdoor pool and a fitness center designed to keep guests active even in the new reality.

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