Saturday, November 20, 2021

Joanna Marie Razon Crowned Mrs. ModelMom "The Advocacy Queen" Universe 2022

Joanna Marie Razon, from Muntinlupa City was crowned Mrs ModelMom Universe 2002 "The Advocacy Queen (the most prestigious pageant for married and single woman in the country and abroad) during the spectacular awards night of Philippine Faces of Success 2021 Teatrino Greenhills San Juan City last October 28. The title was turned over from Ms. Jame Camus Knof, a Filipina based from Florida, USA. Richard Hinola II , CEO of RDH Entertainment and publisher of Best Magazine also recognized her as one of the awardees of successful Filipinos here in the country and abroad because of her genuine passion to generosity to mankind. She was also chosen and awarded Best Dressed Female Awardee that night. Her others, and inspiring successful story prove that anyone can be successful if they make wise decisions in life, stay grounded focused and work hard.

She is a proud mother of 2 beautiful daughters. An entrepreneur, freelance model, event host, motivational speaker, chef and beauty queen Mrs. Universe Philippines First Queen 2021.She also owns an eCommerce J-Bellamore that promotes beauty and health which cater local and international market. She is also a Top 1 distributor of Zoelife products powered by WeEvolve that inspire ethical leadership towards entrepreneurial growth and fulfilment. She is one of the appointed Generals of Team Advocate Change Club that transform every ordinary Filipino into becoming an exemplary social entrepreneur taking dominion in the own respective business organization by awakening their potential for leadership

Joanna Marie Razon strongly believes that Entrepreneurship is an essential part of the Philippines economic development, and it has been so especially since the industrial revolution. For her, entrepreneurship plays an important role in today's society across different cities all over the country. One of her many advocacies is to empower our community of Social Entrepreneurs. She said that "A relevant and dynamic community of social entrepreneur's advocates change in every person's life by leading and empowering them in their journey toward achieving their dreams, and conquering their limitations."

Joanna started her advocacy 10 years ago, have influenced many lives as of today. At present she is active member of The Maharlikang Pilipino Movement or MAHARLIKA' that aims to address the concerns of every Filipino community by means of encouraging social entrepreneurship She also active in charitable works every month As her tagline says, "We Teach, We inspire and We motivate."

Joanna wanted to fulfil her lifelong dream, she said "My dream is very simple but one day the hopes that these small and simple dreams will turn into big plans someday! And with the help and support of the members and my mentors of The Maharlikang Pilipino Movement or "MAHARLIKA' everything is possible and every dream is reachable if you are surrounded and loved by good company" Part of her dreams and plans someday to create new businesses because she believes that when the number of new goods and services increases in the market, more employment opportunities are created and in turn, the economy benefits from this chain. Entrepreneurship is an effective way to help develop a well-balanced community, where both genders play equal roles, which benefit them individually, and the community as a whole.

Joanna thinks that Entrepreneurship is a source of inspiration for many people and through innovation. and dedication, an entrepreneur inspires others to be just like them thus creating a healthy and ideal community.

"A small piece of a new idea is more powerful than anything in the eyes and hands of an entrepreneur."

Photos by Joy Arguil
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