Meet-and-greet with the winners of Global Asian Model 2019

The winners of the inaugural search for Global Asian Model 2019 Falco Sornnarin and Artittaya Pommachat both from Thailand had a post press conference with selected members of the tri-media( tv, newspapers and blogs) at Empireph headquarter in Uptown Mall, BGC. 

 They were joined by the CEO of Empireph beauty queen maker Jonas Antonio Gaffud. Falco and Artittaya will be busy doing pictorials and other modeling staff for the next one year and will have the chance to penetrate the international stage and be the next big star in the modeling industry. Both are 22 and students in Bangkok before they discovered as models Falco is 6'4" while Artittaya is 5'6".

Empire Studio, Uptown Mall BGC
Report by Noli Berioso 
Photos by Joy Arguil


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