Sunday, June 27, 2021


Taguig City, 27 June 2021 - A group of fashion designers from Taguig City have picked their “bet” for the ongoing Miss World Philippines 2021 competition. The Taguig Designers Council (TDC) made their official announcement today to local media and pageant communities, expressing their full support for 26-year-old stunner, Asha Gutierrez from Fort Bonifacio.

Taguig Congresswoman Lani Cayetano and Asha Gutierrez

For over a year, the current global pandemic pushed many events, including pageants, weddings, debuts, and annual festivals like Flores de Mayo to an abrupt halt. These opportunities have been the bread and butter of many home-based designers, couturiers and tailors. Confidently rising above their recent challenges, the TDC has committed to revitalize their creative spirit and welcome new opportunities. Last year, with the support of Taguig Congresswoman Lani Cayetano, they launched a collection of protective wear to help generate income.

TDC is composed of some of the city’s most sought after figures in their community. Slim’s Fashion & Arts School alumna, Baby Frisnedy Kruz, leads as council president. She is also Chairperson of Cofradia de Sta. Ana and Recamaderos de Sta. Ana. Vice-president Richard Plania also works as an in-house designer for Rene Salud.
Members include CEO of Bella Don Fashion Boutique, Cathy Capistrano (FDAP), hair and make-up artist Jhon Cruz, seasoned couturier Essie Mendez, and renowned swimwear designer and founder of DR SWIM Domz Ramos. Today’s announcement comes as a refreshing breath of hope for Taguig’s local creatives and craftspeople.

Taguig Congresswoman Lani Cayetano

Likewise, the pandemic has not deterred these designers’ new muse, Asha Gutierrez from contributing to her community’s survival and recovery. A tech entrepreneur, author and former basketball athlete, Asha is a well-rounded beauty on a mission. As a long-time HIV Counselor at LoveYourself Philippines, she founded Transcend, an organization that protects women who suffer from abuse (the United Nations Population Fund estimated a 16% rise in intimate partner violence during community lockdowns in the Philippines). She has also been working with Taguig City’s Public Information Office to raise awareness on the city government’s testing and vaccination programs. She is also set to release her first publication on eco-feminism.

“We could sense her determination in winning the next major crown for our beloved city, and that makes us all very proud. We encourage her to continue the work she does to uplift and empower women everywhere. We wish her all the best in this competition,” says TDC president, Baby Frisnedy Kruz.

 For future updates about Asha, you can follow her @Asha.Gutierrez on Facebook and Instagram.

Disclaimer - Face masks and face shields were taken-off in some photos for photo op purposes only and wore it back immediately after.

Photos by Joy Arguil

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