Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Roni Meneses: Mandaluyong’s 'eco angel' in Miss Philippines Earth 2021

ONE environment-savvy young lady worth keeping an eye on at the upcoming 21st Miss Philippines Earth Pageant is 26-year-old Veronica Michaela Vivas Meneses, the daughter of Bulakan, Bulacan Mayor Vergel Meneses, one-time PBA cager and head coach of JRU’s Heavy Bombers in NCAA.
Fondly called Roni by family and friends, Meneses is a graduate of the University of the Philippines-Diliman with a degree in B.S. Clothing Technology. She has her own clothing line, RM Couture, and online business, RM Kitchen. Roni is also the reigning Miss Mandaluyong (2020), winning her first ever beauty pageant after giving in to the egging of friends and mustering enough confidence to compete in a swimsuit in public.

During her free time, Roni enjoys working out, doing vlogs, and spending quality time with her family who has always been the type to travel, but given the pandemic, “we just try to make the most out of our time at home.”
At 5’6”, Roni plays volleyball and badminton for fitness and fun. She was also part of her high school basketball varsity team.

Joining her first national pageant as Miss Philippines Earth – Mandaluyong City, Roni has chosen environmental vegetarianism as her advocacy.
“I am promoting and encouraging everyone to be on a plant-based diet, not only for our health, but also for the health and longevity of the environment,” shared Roni. “I chose this advocacy because I myself have been a vegetarian for almost two years now. It is my own way of contributing to preserving our environment.”

As a candidate of Miss Philippines Earth, Roni firmly believes it is her duty to promote the protection and preservation of our environment. “One of the top pollutants in the world is actually the fashion industry,” enthused Roni. “Given my background in clothing technology, I can fully educate and encourage people to start supporting slow fashion brands, urging them to recycle and upcycle their clothes and practice a more sustainable lifestyle.”

Roni with KF camp (Kagandahang Flores) founder and head trainor Rodin Gilbert B.flores
For the second straight year, Miss Philippines Earth is being held on an all-virtual platform, including its preliminary competitions and the grand coronation night to be livestreamed on July 25 where reigning Miss Philippines Earth Roxie Baeyens will pass on her title to the new winner.

When asked why she deserved to be crowned as the 21st Miss Philippines Earth, Roni smiled and said: “I should be crowned as Miss Philippines Earth 2021 because I have the right intentions, values, and heart to fulfill the duties and responsibilities of Miss Philippines Earth in promoting, protecting, and preserving Mother Nature."

 Roni met select members of the media at Alex III Restaurant on Wilson St. San Juan City earlier today. Also present is KF camp (Kagandahang Flores) founder and head trainor Rodin Gilbert B.flores.

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