Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Artopian Internationale signs partnership with Miss World Philippines Organization

Artopian Internationale signs partnership with Miss World Philippines

June 23, 2021- Artopian Internationale, a networking company launched this year is partnering with Miss World Philippines

Artopian Internationale is dedicated to producing beauty and wellness products that will be recognised across the world. It aims to be known globally, establishing the groundwork for future expansions with consistent brand image. With the partnership with Miss World Philippines, it shall spring to increase international reach, effectively converting its brand into a global-consumer level. This partnership provides an amazing chance for Artopian brand to expand globally and as served as launchpad for Artopian Internationale to enter the beauty and wellness industry not just in Asia, but across the world.
"Networking with Miss World Philippines 2021 is a winner strategy. Through straightforward goals of our partnership, Artopian aims to contribute to the industry rally of establishing and delivering more business and entrepreneurs in the country via beauty and wellness. We hope that this will stimulate the formation of new and stronger relationships among ourselves as we strive to attain the greatest standards of beauty and advocacy", states Oliver Ocampo, CEO of Artopian Internationale.

Artopian supports beauty with a cause and believe that beauty queens would be an effective advocate of worthy causes. Tens of thousands of individuals are considering creating their own businesses today and for a good cause. Artopian is here to help by providing new ways fr them to sustain themselves and find additional tools for maintaining this shared business. It addresses an issue while also having social effect.

Miss World Philippines Candidates present during the event. 
Riana Pangindian

Anne De Mesa

Tatyana Austria

Dindi Pajares

Lea Macapagal

Tracy Maureen Perez

Janelle Lewis

Emmanuelle Vera

Michelle Arceo

Ganiel Krishnan

Oliver Ocampo, CEO of Artopian Internationale
Arnold Vegafria, Miss World Philippines National Director

The Miss World Philippines (MWP) grand coronation night os set for July 25, 2021.
About Artopian Internationale

Artopian Internationale is owned by One Monarchy Holdings , which already operates in the areas of gaming, real estate, construction, tech and aviation. Artopian signals its serious commitment in the multi-level marketing business.

Making Difference in the lives of Filipinos affected by the pandemic and one of the world's longest lockdowns is the impetus for the establishment of of Artopian Internationale. It is determined to changed lives with its pandemic-proof MLM Model. 

Disclaimer - Face masks and face shields were taken-off in some photos for photo op purposes only and wore it back immediately after.
 Photos by Joy Arguil

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