Monday, September 28, 2020

Aliwan Fiesta Digital Queen 2020 - Top 9 finalists in Evening Gown

Candidate #1 Jasmine Omay wore a Serpentina cut gown made with Swarovski crystals that fit its smooth lace fabric. Jasmine’s gown was designed by Ryan Lara.

Candidate #2 Bianca Wilhelmina Willemsen’s gown was designed by Noel Inez and Elmer de Venancio. All that glitters are gold on this full sequined dress. Bianca’s gown features a fitted bodice with thin straps and dramatic long fringes.

Candidate #3 Jannarie Zarzoso wore a spring-inspired off-shoulder gown designed by Klevin Remoto Bartolaba, a fashion designer from KRB House of Fashion. Made of bright chartreuse Scuba cloth, beaded with vine-like flower details going up its skirt. The off-shoulder is made up of tassel beads emanating elegance with a touch of royalty. The color, bright chartreuse, was chosen to emphasize her being naturally morena, as well as represent the colors of her home, Cabadbaran City, Agusan del Norte.

Candidate #4 Alana Rhedey’s was designed by Jem Lictao. It is an alluring and exquisite fully crystallized evening gown that is made up of thousands of rhinestones. Alana’s gown is inspired of a “silent caterpillar” that symbolizes the fighting spirit of Filipino people and by being resilient and unrelenting.

Candidate #5 Nicole Angel Crescini wore an off-white, sequined gown with pleated circular fan details on the bodice, embellished with crystals and pearls for dramatic look. The high slit adds drama and sophistication.

Candidate #6 Katrina Anne Castaรฑeda Johnson’s gown was designed by Rodni Varquez. Calling at as the “Sea of Clouds,” her gown was inspired from Davao City’s majestic scenery. The light blue gown symbolizes a city with clear skies. Despite the wide-scale development in the City of Davao, the desire of the people to protect its natural resources has been very evident with the way the city life is lived - urbanized yet ecologically sustainable. Through this craft, Katrina aims to showcase the core of a Davaoeño’s heart - love for her own home. 

Candidate #7 Esperanza Francisco wore a black fitted bodice and trumpet skirt gown with off shoulder neckline designed by Ariel Alvarez. Its long sleeves with layers and layers of pink tulle gave an added drama but maintaining elegance and sophistication. This gown was made to highlight the unapologetic silhouette of a woman of size; symbolizing inclusivity and beauty beyond standards. More than the craftsmanship, it is the lady wearing the dress that makes the whole masterpiece a work of perfection. Simple yet eccentric. Delicate yet distinct. Unconventional yet beautiful.

Candidate #8 Sharon Idone’s fiery red gown was designed by Jun-g Candelario.

Candidate #9 Allyssa May Nicholls’ gown was designed by Garvy Molinos Terrado. The supernal preference of this emerald green colored gown is the portrayal of Miss Sultan Kudarat's environmental stewardship. The choice of color also depicts her youthfulness as she is the youngest delegate in the pageant.


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