Tuesday, January 21, 2020

SkyJet Airlines Surfs Home to Siargao!

 Surfers and surfers-at-heart can rejoice again! Manila’s boutique airlines SkyJet resumes flights back to the country’s top holiday destination, Siargao Island.

Starting March 29, 2020, SkyJet Airlines will resume its daily flights to the country’s surfing capital, Siargao Island.
“SkyJet’s Siargao flights resumption will enable us at SkyJet to help sustain the
momentum of the island’s market growth and demand,” says SkyJet commercial head Joseph Edward Alvarico. “SkyJet’s the first airline to fly directly to Siargao, and we are looking at fulfilling our aim at allowing everyone, including millennials, to experience the culture of the island by providing competitive fares.”
Tourists and locals alike can again discover more of Siargao beyond the waves and coastlines. Not only can they try out the different surfing spots and the peaceful coastline, but they can also explore the secluded rock pools of Magpungko, the cave pools of Tayangan, a day exploring Guyam, Daku, and Naked Islands, or even hang out at the TakTak Waterfall in Santa Monica.
They can also take part in the island’s food scene featuring the freshest fruits and seafood, try out the motorbikes and go on a tour around the island, or just chill out and relax in the now- iconic Cloud 9 Pier. But above all these, what makes Siargao truly home is the warm hospitality of Siargao’s locals that make the island simply irresistible.
Who among 2019 Misters of Filipinas Kings will soon experience SkyJet Airlines and be one of its guests? Soon...

You may book flights to the country’s top surfing desitination at www.flyskyjetair.com or you may call Skyjet Airlines’ hotline at (8) 8-SKYJET (8 8-759538).
Fab Philippines will soon experience SkyJet Airlines!

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