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Mutia Ti La Union 2020

Here are the official profile shots of the candidates for 
Mutia Ti La Union 2020 

Vienalou Macayan

This 19-year-old girl from Bangar believes in the saying, “Pursue the things that makes you happy.” She loves to read books in her leisure time and she personally chose the course Nursing because caring for other people is really close to her heart.

Mary Joyce Salay

As the eldest among her siblings, this girl from Burgos is independent, approachable, and communicative. Her interests in singing, dancing and other extra-curricular activities in her current school made her a standout. She’s a happy-go-lucky person who always sees situations in a positive standpoint.

Kimberly Marzan

This young 20-year-old girl from Naguilian envisions herself as a successful flight attendant someday. She’s a God-fearing woman who always makes sure to put God at the center of everything. Her hobbies are travelling and exploring different beautiful places. As part of Red Cross and an association like Youth for Christ, this girl is really someone to look forward to.

Carmela Joy Gil

Carmela is currently a Grade 12 student of Luna National High School. She’s a strong and determined young woman who is proudly raised by farmer parents. Her greatest achievement in life was when she was crowned as Miss Jewel of Luna 2019 that’s why with an equipped mind her dream to becoming a beauty queen someday is the main reason why she continues this path in pag

Fe Ladyma Padilla Abbacco

Ladyma is a miracle baby who is named after "Lady of Manaoag". She was made and conceived by her parent's love, strong faith and devotion. It's never easy for parents to know that they can't bear a child but with the aid of prayers a beautiful gift was born. She is a living testament of the power of prayer.

Denisse Nichole Dacanay

Denisse dreams of molding young minds. She also believes that loving beaches though you can’t swim is the best feeling. She trusts the waves to overcome her fears and talks to God through the breeze.

Cristine Jan Paguirigan Padua

CJ is a Senior High School student who values time above all. She believes that through this pageant, not only she'll only gain experiences, but will also develop her full potential and self-confidence and be ready to showcase her talents.

Jissa Lubdo

She believes that building rapport is a start of a good communication and personal interaction that could lead to good camaraderie and trust. That is why she chooses to have a good rapport and be socially interactive.

Shaira May Soria

A 21-year old degree holder who wishes to pursue her passion on teaching, Shaira aims to represent her proud town into the next level with a strong determination to bring home the crown, not just for herself but more for her mom’s happiness. Her advocacy is youth empowerment; she believes that beauty pageant is a good platform to promote her vision.

Jenny Tagalan Butlig

Jenny loves helping other people especially those who are sick. This inspired her her to choose Nursing as a career. Her first charity work was a fund raising project for a baby who is suffering from Biliary atresia. Aside from doing charity work she’s also a vlogger/youtuber since 2016, she loves to share her life stories and shares useful tips about nursing.

Sacha Tarryn Rejuso

An aspiring tourism ambassador, she envisioned herself travelling and serving people of different walks of life. Leaving us with the saying "Take nothing but pictures, kill nothing but time and taking nothing but memories." When all else fails, feeding people's stomach and heart is her back up plan.

Victoria Adnan Tavas

Victoria is a Medical Technologist student who dreams to be a Medical Doctor someday.
For her, joining beauty pageant is not all about the title, popularity or looks, it is more about advocacy. She believes that educating the children of today is the most powerful weapon in changing the world for the better. She also believes that in this world, we should do everything with love and compassion.

Irene Guzman

Despite her shy personality, Irene decided to go out, come up the stage and explore the world of pageantry with the hope that she can show with confidence her beauty and talents . Being an athlete also helped her to stand with executive presence and win two pageants at a young age.

Kippum Yu

Kippum loves adventure because having a variety of things you like to do makes you discover yourself better in a lot of ways. Being a student taking up Humanities and Social Sciences makes her appreciate life and makes her strive to become a better version of herself. She believes that helping others doesn’t always come in material things; one can extend help in joining children ministry and outreach program.

Arvelyn Lubrin

Arvelyn grew up as an introvert growing up but when she started joining pageants, she learned to embrace herself as a person. It became her way to show self-confidence and her own beauty, despite being hesitant at first. She wants to be the best version of herself not for the sake of other people but solely for her betterment as a person.

Gian Nadine Picar

She believes that nothing is impossible in this world with the help of our Lord. With deep Faith, we can conquer all even the fear that we feel inside of our hearts. Nadine says shyness is not a sign of weakness; but it serves as challenge to express ourselves confidently.

Roxanne Danielle Sanglay

Roxanne is currently balancing her professional career as a teacher and pursuing her passion as a beauty queen. She is a person with soft heart for children with a mission of educating and inspiring young lives to become a better person as they grow up. Going beyond what is written in her lesson plan is a big leap in her profession.

Jezren Mae Fortes

A singing beauty queen who dreams to become a nurse someday to take care of people who suffers from any kind of sickness. She believes that joining pageants can boost your self-esteem, self-confidence, talent and skills. She also wants to inspire people with the aid of her family, she will continue to walk this path.

Amira M. Ramirez

Growing up with 4 siblings and with a single parent is the reason why she wants to strive harder in life and give back to her mom. Joining this pageant is not just a passion but also one way to support and provide for her family. She wanted to become a public official someday and serve selflessly and with integrity. She dreams to change everyone’s notion about public servants.

Divina Marie Villanueva

This young aspiring CPA Lawyer believes that “Life can be just like a walk in the park if you put Family and God at the Center of everything you do” and in her back pocket, is a bag of hope to represent the Philippines in a bigger beauty pageant arena.

Support your candidate’s journey and witness who will be crowned Mutia Ti La Union 2020. For more details on #MLU2020 always visit our FB page Mutia Ti La Union 2020 and use the hashtags below.


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