Monday, October 18, 2021

Mrs. Universe Australia 2021 Delegates Presscon

Two empowered Pinays to represent Philippines in Mrs. Universe Australia 2021

International pageants oftentimes can be looked at through lenses as very positive because the women involved are definitely empowered, independent and passion driven women but others think that pageants can be deemed as very anti-feminist and sexist from one angle.

Monique Cantalejo Rivera

Christine Escalante

Mrs. Universe Australia 2021 Delegates Monique Cantalejo Rivera & Christine Escalante with Richard Hinola

Mrs. Universe 2021 pageant are for empowered women who have a vision,  making themselves better and stronger, married woman and single mothers come together as one, united together to empower other women all over the world to do the same. This year, Ms. Cristine Escalante and Ms. Monique Cantalejo Rivera will represent the Philippines to go to the Land Down Under "Australia" for Mrs. Universe Australia.

They said that International Pageants like Mrs. Universe unlike any other pageants are not about changing yourself, this pageant for married, single mom and widowed women are about showcasing yourself and the best version of you.

Mrs. Universe 2021 provides a platform impact and express themselves, help others, create positive best while doing i and change to the world and to look their very best git. "We very grateful to be chosen and passed the audition out of 100 Filipino-Australian and Australian Citizen delegates to represent Mrs. Universe Australia Philippines this year last February 2021. We are lucky enough and very thankful that we have generous sponsors including Secret Direct Australia, Property Investors Alliance, Millionaire's alliance, Millionaires Business Network and TV1 Australia who supported us and will be there again to support our whole journey all-expense paid this coming 26th December 2021, Sydney Australia to get the crown for Mrs. Universe Australia 2021" said Mrs. Escalante and Mrs. Rivera.

Monique Cantalejo Rivera is the epitome of charm, grace, and innate beauty that radiates from within. A loving wife to husband Joven V. Rivera and dedicated mother to Nicoh Jsovelyn and Johan Patrick is a self-made successful entrepreneur, volunteer worker for disadvantaged children and youth. Becoming a beauty queen was a childhood dream and aspiration for Monique, a middle child, and the only girl in the brood of five. But a misfortune brought about by the closing down of their family-owned business forced her to postpone her aspirations. Hardship and poverty are a stark reality, so poor that she can't even afford to buy a sky flakes cracker to ease the pangs of hunger. Instead of wallowing in self-pity and apathy, Monique took upon herself to gather strength, motivation, and unwavering faith in God. She took on odd but dignified jobs that helped her family to survive and get by and support her studies. She was once a ticket-seller at the Enchanted Kingdom and was asked to play the role of a "Princess" on that famous amusement theme park, Monique finished her four-year College Course at the Laguna College of Arts. She also helped her siblings in their schooling. She joined Beautiful Girl in Eat Bulaga in 2002 and won as Dream Girl 2nd runner-up.

Christine Escalante, A proud mother of 3 beautiful children. She is also vying for the coveted crown this coming 26th December 2021, Sydney Australia. A contractor, freelance commercial model and movie actress under star magic. She owns a 5PO company (Custech Contact Center Philippines) which caters an international and local market. The Owner of GHVR trading and construction that caters government and private contracts. She is the current host of ATC international, TV31.At present she is the vice president of "Wanita Filipina" that aims to empowered each and every woman in the country. She is also the president of League of Empowered women in the Philippines that aims to help domestic women to give them support emotionally, mentally and spiritually. And a lady queen of WCEA (world council educators association) a charity organization for professionals helping children, elders and disabled people all over the country and doing charity works. With the help of city officials and public individuals she also helps street children and charities all over Philippines .

 Photos by Joy Arguil / Fab Philippines


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