Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Miss Universe Philippines 2021THE FINAL 30

Miss Universe Philippines 2021THE FINAL 30
The challenges may have been done virtually but the competition is as real as it gets. From the initial applicants from all over the Philippines, these delegates triumphed over the Headshot, Introduction Video, Runway, Casting and Interview Challenges. Over a month of hard work and determination have earned these phenomenal women a coveted spot in The Final 30 Miss Universe Philippines Official Delegates.
In choosing The Final 30, a group of panelists chose 27 delegates based on their
performances in all the challenges. Completing the The Final 30, the delegates who
garnered the 3 highest votes through the Fan Votes cast between August 22 to August
31 on the Miss Universe Philippines App automatically advanced.Cebu Province (Steffi Abesturi), Masbate (Kirsten Danielle Delavin) and Pangasinan (Maureen Wroblewitz) are the three delegates who made it through with the fan votes. These three inspiring women are affirmed by the enormous support of their fans in ensuring that they automatically advanced to The Final 30. They are equally as qualified
to be in The Final 30 as the rest of the delegates.
Now, the scores are back to zero and will be facing a different set of judges in their
quest for the crown. Will new frontrunners and favorites emerge? We’ll find out on
September 25 when a new Miss Universe Philippines is crowned.
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Universe Philippines 2021 Finals on September 25.

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