Friday, September 24, 2021

Joanna Marie Razon, Mrs Universe Philippines 2021, from Muntinlupa City


“I am a person of vision. Full of hopes and dreams. I go beyond my limitations and I am not afraid to try new things. By going out of my comfort zone, I gained a lot of lessons and experiences that made me a better person that I am today. God is the source of everything. He is my ultimate inspiration, strength and guidance,” said Joanna Marie Razon.

Joanna is a proud social entrepreneurship advocate. She believes that this is truly essential in the Philippines, especially to the given economic crisis we are all going through nationwide. She finds it as one of the key solutions to pick up ourselves from financial instability that has brought by pandemic.

For more than 10 years ago, Razon has started her advocacy and has already inspired a huge number of individuals as of today. She has lived her mission to transform an ordinary individual by bringing out its potential of becoming an exemplary social entrepreneur. She believes that everyone has a sense of business leadership, it only needs to be awaken and nourished - and this is what she does. She has been taking the initiative to empower the community of social entrepreneurs.

Apparently, a leader is someone who takes a lead and lives by example. JM has been more than a hundred percent committed to empower our community of social entrepreneurs. She tirelessly works for every opportunity she finds to change people’s lives by leading them to achieve their dreams and conquer their limitations that they never thought of.

As a proof of her persistence, she has been appointed as of the Generals of Team Advocate Change Club and joined The Maharlikang Pilipino Movement or also known as MAHARLIKA. These groups have been very helpful and instrumental to Joanna as she leads the former while she learns from the mentorship of the latter. Indeed, these are the essential qualities of a magnificent leader - someone who empowers her team and someone who listens to the need of her team.

JM finds balance between her corporate responsibilities and her family. She is a hands-on mother to her 2 growing daughters. She works like an ant during the day, but she becomes a full time at night as she also plays and spends quality time with her family when she’s at home. More so, she also attends to her daughters’ schools’ involvements. For some reason, the flexibility in social entrepreneurship is one the benefits she enjoys from it because it gives her enormous confidence and power that it could not compromise her quality time with her children.

On her journey in Mrs Universe Philippines 2021, JM upholds all this aspirations, hopes and dreams not for herself alone but extendedly to all individuals who need help and empowerment particularly on social entrepreneurship. She dreams not only to inspire but to reach out for the dream and will make it happen.

This is the story of an aspiring queen - inspirational and aspirational! Joanna Marie Razon, Mrs Universe Philippines 2021, from Muntinlupa City!

 Text: Franรงois Diaz, Pageant Mag Philippines
Gowns and Styling by: Mikee Andrei
Hair and Makeup by: July Faustino
Assisted by: Amores Cutchon Arcilla and Shyne Beloy
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