Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Miss Philippines Earth 2020 Roxie Baeyens for Miss Earth 2020

“Angel of H E A L I N G”
My designer’s inspiration is Rafaela (healing for everyone). Although I have never played Mobile Legends before, reading a lot about her made me see why people have grown so fond of her. — “She is sent by heaven to alleviate the suffering in the world, Rafaela descends on the Land of Dawn to heal all pain and punish all evil with the holy light”. Amidst this pandemic, we all need someone like her. To heal us not only from Covid but also from detrimental effects on our environment.
Parts of the costume was made from old tires and slippers
Photo by @lezs_reyes @bryreyes_images
Angel Costume @luckypharcy21
HMUA @patacsilmichaeljv & Bona Kuratcha


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