Monday, August 17, 2020

Mutya ng San Pablo 2018-2020

 Hail to the Queens! San Pablo’s Mutyas slay on latest collaboration shoot

Mutya ng San Pablo 2018-2020 Danielle Isabelle Dolk, Roberta Angela Tamondong, and Kate Alyson Roño, respectively, appeared together on Laguna’s photographer Onecho Gabinete’s latest shoot.
The prominent beauty queens were seen on bigger stages. Danielle Isabelle Dolk was 2019 Binibining Pilipinas’ official candidate at the age of 18 that made her the youngest candidate in the edition.

Meanwhile, Mutya ng San Pablo 2019 Roberta Angela Tamondong made her name as she brought home Miss Bikini Philippines 2019 - 1st runner up title.

Moreover, the latest Mutya ng San Pablo 2020 Kate Alyson Roño is not anew in the world of pageantry as she was seen in various pageants and earned titles such as Miss Silka Philippines 2018 and Binibining Laguna 2019 - 3rd Runner Up.

The trio beauty queens are featured wearing couture by one of the best names in fashion industry Louis Pangilinan in collaboration with Laguna’s sought after Make-Up artist Gutchie Gutierrez.

Strong, fierce, and sexy modern Filipina that they represent. WILL WE SEE ONE OF THESE QUEENS SLAY THE WORLD, UNIVERSE, EARTH OR INTERNATIONAL STAGE?
Text by Darryl Peñaredondo

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