Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Bench Cafe , Opens second branch in Greenbelt 3


THERE is no other local brand that carries Filipino pride quite like Bench. With a diverse product line that crosses over seamlessly from retail to food, Bench has established itself as a champion of Filipino craftsmanship and style, and this past year, culinary heritage.
As the brand’s most recent innovation, dining concept restaurant Bench Café, celebrates its first anniversary at the Bench flagship restaurant in Bonifacio High Street, it also announced its expansion through a second branch which is now open at Greenbelt 3 in Makati.

A partnership between Manila multi-brand food group FOODEE Global Concepts run by father and son tandem Rikki and Eric Dee, and Suyen Corporation, headed by chairman Ben Chan, president Virgilio Lim and vice president for business development Bryan Lim, Bench Café is now turning into a full-fledged restaurant with the opening of the second branch.
With over 3 decades of experience under its belt, the FOODEE group created a restaurant concept that was uniquely Bench, applying Suyen’s retail philosophies to what, just in a year, became a successful culinary venture.

FOODEE CEO Eric Dee shares, “Bench Café brings traditions from all over the islands to create flavors that are distinctly Filipino, in a style that is uniquely Bench, and that is casual but sophisticated, simple but substantial, local but global – all at good price points. We are happy to continue to partner with Suyen Corporation in Bench Café’s expansion and bringing its unique flavors to more Filipinos as we open our second restaurant in Greenbelt 3.”

Imbibing Bench’s social media hashtag and overall thrust, #LiveLifeWithFlavor, Bench Café celebrates classic Filipino dishes by giving them a global, sophisticated twist, much like what the brand does with their retail endeavors. 
On the menu are Filipino favorites with elements of traditional and modern Pinoy cooking, and fusion meals that adopt culinary traditions from different cultures. This, combined with its commitment to using only high quality local ingredients, has made Bench Café a go-to restaurant for office workers looking for a delicious and satisfying lunch, families bonding over food on weekends, and companies celebrating milestones for special events.

Must-tries include: Sisig Lettuce Cups with Calamansi Foam, Crispy Lumpia Cones with Tinapa Mousse and Salsa, Tsoknut Ice Cream Sandwich (toasted ensaymada filled with tsoknut ice cream), and Flan B (leche flan with macapuno).
The menu also features Bench/To, inspired by bento meals of Japan but reimagined to fit the Filipino tradition of family dining. Combos include the B6 (Dancing Fish, Caldereta, Crispy Dilis, Bench Salsa, plain rice); B8 (Lechon Kawali, Laing, Atsara, Bench Salsa, plain rice); and B12 (Pork BBQ, Gising Gising, Green Mango Salad, Bench Salsa, plain rice). 
The café also features other Pinoy dining staples such as treet food, rice, silog, merienda, halo-halo and kapeng barako.

Bench Café is located at the second floor of the newly opened Bench flagship store at 9th Avenue corner Lane O, Bonifacio High Street, BGC; and at the second floor of Greenbelt 3, Ayala Center Makati. For updates, follow Bench café on Facebook and @benchcafeph on Instagram.

Photos by Joy Arguil
Report by Jay Patao

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