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One of the biggest women artists organization in the country with more than 500 members nationwide celebrated its 9th year in the field of arts. United Women Artists Association of the Philippines (UWAAP) bonafide members gathered at Galerya Amalia located in LRI Design Plaza Makati City for a special art exhibit from January 7 to 28, 2023 featuring 40 of the most prized works of Filipina artists here in our country 

Miss Menchu Arandilla UWAAP Founder and President and a Rotarian led the ribbon cutting ceremony that signalled the start of the much awaited arts exhibit by women artists. Special guests include Mr. Cid Reyes -Art Critic and owner of Galerya Amalia and Ms. Ompong Remigio President and Chief Creative of Fatfree, Inc who both gave their inspirational messages and opening remarks. Other board members who were part of the program are Ms. Luzviminda Horlador Santillan, Ms. Marigene Flores - Garcia, Ms. Millet Sacerdoti and Ms. Hemilyn Escudero-Tamayo  who was the Public Image Officer and charge for the invitation of media and bloggers who covered the event.

The opening day was a huge success attended mostly by arts patron who are looking forward for this kind of exhibit where they have the opportunity to  buy a worthy piece of art that they can add to their collections.

Here are some informations regarding UWAAP organization and the on going art exhibit.

The United Women Artists Association of the Philippines (UWAAP) was officially founded and registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on January 11, 2014.

Founder and President Menchu VB Arandilla, called for membership that received a keen response from more than 500 Filipina artists all over the world. UWAAP aims, above all, to support the goals to achieve success of the Philippine women artists. Within a few months of its inception, UWAAP implementing its vision and mission, launched its first group exhibit entitled "DiskArte" in Metro Manila. It showcased the various talents of its founding officers and active member artists who are mostly professionals in various fields.

UWAAP artists are composed of, among others: doctors, lawyers, educators, bankers, accountants, managers, international and local civil service, and entrepreneurs who vow to continue and revive their love for the arts, despite the complexities in their life and work schedules. These women connect, form comradeship and welcome emerging talents who are either just starting to discover their ability in the arts or have been in the industry but have yet to display publicly their artistic styles and ideas.

UWAAP can be described as a guild of female artists of all ages who exude grace, true self-regard, indomitable strength, integrity, creativity, skill and eagerness to learn both traditional and brand new influences.

As it is inherent in Filipinas to have strong traits of femininity, loyalty, dignity, and self-respect these artists aim to empower and inspire other women artists from all walks of life; to explore the world of art with tenacity, integrity and warmth, while ensuring each one, her own happiness through friendship and camaraderie.

As the saying goes, "One for all, All for one!"

We would like to thank UWAAP member Ms. Hemilyn Escudero-Tamayo for the exclusive invite at the opening of the exhibit.

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