Monday, July 27, 2020

Century Tuna Superbods Everybod Superbod 2020 Finalists

 Here are the finalists of Everybod Superbod 2020! Click on each photo to know how our Superbods finalists inspire us to STAY STRONG!

Superbod Albert has inspired his friends to never stop trying because of his determination to join Superbods... not just once, but thrice!

#SuperbodAlbert #CenturyTunaSuperbods2020 #StayStrongPilipinas

Superbod Astrid is rooting for people who have grown stronger because of life’s challenges. Hear her story of rebirth from bangketa girl to Superbod.

#SuperbodAstrid #CenturyTunaSuperbods2020 #StayStrongPilipinas

For Superbod Candice, mental fitness means mindfulness. Get to know this freediver and her fitness advocacy.

#SuperbodCandice #CenturyTunaSuperbods2020 #StayStrongPilipinas

Superbod Christine had a life-changing view about fitness. Now, her story is an inspiration to girls struggling with body-image.


Superbod Enzo’s job is to transform lives. From grade schoolers to seniors, he has influenced people to change their stories for the better.


Superbod Erie is a proud parent and an ex-OFW. Now, he’s a personal trainer helping people at any age to achieve their best selves through fitness.


Superbod Gian is a multi-hyphenate: an openly gay bodybuilder, dancer, marketing professional, make-up artist, and now, a Superbod finalist! He believes in inclusivity in fitness and in life.


The story of Superbod Grace’s journey to fitness and loving herself again will move you. She’s a model of empowerment for every mother trying to care for themselves again.

Watch her advocacy here:


Superbod Hans is a group fitness instructor who believes in the great power of small daily acts of self-love.


Superbod Ines believes that fitness is all about performance. Get inspired by this horse trainer’s health advocacy.

Watch her advocacy here:


Superbod Jason knows what it’s like to be intimidated by fitness... but now, he’s at the top of his game. Will he be the next Superbod to kick start your fitness journey?


Superbod Jojo is a theatre director and actor who’s not afraid of aging. His goal is to inspire people to age honestly and gracefully.

Watch his advocacy here:


Superbod Julian used his own struggle with weight to inspire others through his weight-loss e-book. Meet this personal trainer, author, and Superbod.

Watch his advocacy here:


Optimum performance is Superbod Kai’s goal. This civil engineer and pole dancer knows how to keep her body and mind in tip top shape.


Superbod Karla reminds us to take good care of our body and mind’s well-being. Is this model and beauty queen your next Superbod?


Superbod Kathleen is passionate about breaking the stigma on mental health. After struggling with it herself, she now knows that in health, everything is interconnected.

Watch her advocacy here:


Superbod Katrina lives by a few simple guides to fitness. Get to know more about this charming nurse’s tips to being healthy.


Superbod Key is passionate about making fitness accessible. She’s a believer in breaking bad health habits without breaking the bank.


Superbod Kirk’s firecracker personality makes fitness fun and light. Learn more about this professional model and fitness influencer’s advocacy.


Superbod Liz is a model for young women to embrace looking and feeling strong. Listen to this Muay Thai enthusiast’s inspiring dream.


It’s time for Superbod Lynn to inspire her community to be sexy and desirable at any age. Meet this hot momma and learn about her fitness journey.


Superbod Malcolm’s life has always been influenced by sports. A golfer, surfer, and rugby player, he wants everybody to build a healthy lifestyle by having fun.


Superbod Nelson wasn’t always Superbod-material. But with determination, he has gone from “toothpick” to commercial and ramp model.


Superbod Nicholas is a former fat kid. Now, he’s out to motivate people to never give up on their health.


For Superbod Pao, fitness became a way for him to find himself. Now, he wants everybody to experience the transformative effect of being fit and healthy.

Watch his advocacy here:


Superbod Philippe sees sports as a great tool for kids to learn about fitness early on in their lives. Learn more about his passion here.


Superbod Renzel’s inspiration is her mom. Through her, this queen of hustle has learned to step up and help people achieve their health goals.


Superbod Robert is all about living a healthy lifestyle to be able to have fun in life. Is this high school swim instructor your next Superbod?


Superbod Sam A. knows that fitness is all about effort and commitment. Will this HIIT Coach be the next Superbod?


Superbod Sam L. is a believer in mind and body wellness. This beauty queen, ESL instructor, and mountain climber is on her way to being a Superbod.


Superbod Sam P. wants to be a game-changer in the fitness industry. Are you ready to be moved by her inspiring words?


This bubbly vlogger, model, and traveler has three rules to staying strong and sexy. Meet Superbod Sherlyn and hear her story.

Watch her advocacy here:


Superbod Shirley is not just a fabulous working mom, but also a weightlifting grandma. Get to know this superwoman and her fitness journey.


Superbod Zai’s heart is on her sleeve. Her heartbreak paved a path to her fitness and fierceness. Listen to her aww-inducing story here.


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