Saturday, July 13, 2019


1. What happened now to Immunoboosters?
Immunoboosters as we all know is the First and Only Concierge Medical/Surgical Center in the Philippines, founded in 2010 by Dr. Jumel Bornilla and it’s CEO, Mr. Manuel L. Genabe III, is now merging with International Travelers Medical Center which is THE FIRST AND ONLY TRAVELER MEDICAL CENTER IN THE PHILIPPINES. Yes! another first, another milestone, another creation of the movers and innovators of the medical industry in the country, Mr. Manuel “Manix” L. Genabe III and Dr. Jumel V. Bornilla.

The strength and core of the Concierge medical and surgical services is now expanded to cater not only
o the Philippines but also to neighboring South East Asian countries as Dr. Bornilla now is a Cambodian Licensed Medical Doctor. Now the Philippines South East Asia, Tomorrow, the WORLD
Addendum: The medical team are all desirous to showcase the compassionate hands and heart of the
Filipino medical professionals to the whom we are known all over the world to travelers and non-
travelers alike

2. What is the difference of a Travelers Clinic from a regular medical clinic?
A Travelers Medical Center is a physician-operated practice dedicated to providing quality medical care
involving all aspects of travel. Our staff have received specialized training in the treatment and prevention of travel-related infections and illnesses, including pre-travel counseling, evaluation for necessary vaccines, and infection prophylaxis. Although You’ll still receive regular medical care at our
facility, even if you’re not a traveler or not intending to travel. If you need specialized medical treatments not related to travel, ITMC can still accommodate you, no matter who you are, no matter what specific medical services you need. ITMC, accommodates Walk ins, travelers or non-travelers alike
Adults and Children Vaccinations
Doctor’s Consultation
Prescription Refill (Maintenance and Controlled Substances/Yellow Prescription)
Laboratory/Diagnostic Examinations
IV Drips
IV Antibiotic Administrations
Testosterone Administraton
Sexually Transmitted Illnesses/Diseases Testing and Treatment
Infectious/ Tropical Diseases Treatment
Mental Health Issues
Cancer Detection
Eye Specialists/Ophthalmologic Consult
Stroke and Heart Attack Prevention, Detection and Treatment
Skin, Hair and Nail Diseases
Erectile Dysfunction/Prostate Diseases
Pregnancy and Women’s Health
Hormonal Imbalance Management
Children’s Health
Well Baby
Diabetes Management
Blood Pressure Control
Doctor’s Home/Hotel Visits
Hangover IV Drip/Treatment
Urgent Care Services
Medical Certificates
Travel Certificates

4. Who are the doctors of ITMC?
ANSWER: ITMC has a vast network of specialists headed by the first and only concierge medical doctor in the Philippines, Dr. Jumel Bornilla. His colleagues from known tertiary institution in the country are
with him in this innovative medical endeavor. From neurologists, ear and eye specialists, psychiatrists, orthopedics, pediatrics to allied medical professionals. Name it, we have it!
 5. Why Makati Palace Hotel? It’s traffic and it’s hard to park
ANSWER: The medical team of ITMC want to live by it’s name, International Travelers Medical Center, hence the group believed that it would be more appropriate to be at the hustle and bustle of the touristy area of Makati City. The team chose Makati Palace Hotel, because of it’s iconic structure at the heart of Burgos not to mention that it’s also the center of touristy vibe and experience at the heart of the Central Business District of the Philippines, Makati City.

July 13, 2019
Photos by Joy Arguil

Address: Makati Palace Hotel, Unit 01, Lower Ground, 5011 P. Burgos Street, Corner Caceres Street, Bel
Air Makati City

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