Thursday, December 4, 2014

Pizza Hut launches 'Cheesy Pockets ala 'Parol') Pizza' Campaign

Pizza Hut SM Megamall
Pizza Hut celebrates the Christmas season by offering its latest creation - the new Cheesy Pockets Pizza. Enjoy pockets of fun with your families and friends - featuring 16 -pullable pockets on its outer edge that's filled with special cheese sauce and cheddar while pizza is topped with Holiday ham, pepperoni, and bell peppers on a bed of mozzarella cheese.

Indulgent, great taste and fun to eat, Pizza Hut's Cheesy Pockets pizza is a sure hit in Christmas parties and get-togethers. For dine-in, just add P69 (regular) or P99 (family) to upgrade your supreme line pizza to Cheesy Pockets pizza in your favorite Hut Feast meal. Double the cheesy goodness with the famous Hot deals - 2 Family Pizzas for just P499 for delivery, you can also enjoy Cheesy Pockets by adding just P99 to ny of the Pizza. 

Pizza Hut, home to the world-famous Pan Pizza and Stuffed Crust Pizza, serving freshly made pizzas with fast and friendly service. For more great dishes, check out Pizza Hut's website at, dial 911-1111 for deliveries in Metro Manila or be a fan of Pizza Hut Philippines on Facebook

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